Silberstein, Solomon Joseph

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SILBERSTEIN, SOLOMON JOSEPH (1845–?), Russian poet and philosopher. Silberstein was born in Kovno. At the age of 19 he received rabbinical authorization from a number of rabbis in the provinces of Kovno and Vilna. He practiced as a rabbi in Dershunisok, Kovno, in 1867–68, and later emigrated to the U.S. He developed a system of natural theology based on the Mosaic, and the rabbinic and talmudic law as natural theology.

Silberstein wrote the following works: Gelui Einayim (1881), poems; Ha-Dat ve-ha Torah (1887); Meẓi'ut Yehovah ve-ha-Olam (1893); The Universe and its Evolution (1891); General Laws of Nature (1894); The Disclosures of the Universal Mysteries (1896); and The Jewish Problem and Theology in General (1904).


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