Shohetman, Baruch

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SHOHETMAN, BARUCH (1890–1956), Hebrew bibliographer. Born in Podolia, Shohetman emigrated to Palestine at the end of 1925. From 1927, he worked in the National Library of Jerusalem, especially with the bibliographical quarterly Kirjath Sepher, and published essays and articles on historical, literary, and bibliographical subjects. A great part of his work was devoted to the history of Russian Jewry over the last generations, a field in which he was one of the leading experts. He published, with explanatory notes, hundreds of letters of various authors (including those of Aḥad Ha-Am, M. Ussishkin and S. Dubnow). He also published many bibliographical notes (most of them anonymously) in Kirjath Sepher as well as bibliographies to the works of Herzl, V.A. Tcherikover, B. Dinur, D. Shimoni, Ḥ.N. Bialik, N.H. Tur-Sinai (Torczyner), Tchernichowsky, and S.H. Bergman. For a detailed listing of his bibliographical work, see Shunami, Bibl. Shohetman was killed when Jordanian soldiers opened fire at a group of archaeologists visiting the settlement of Ramat Raḥel.

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