Shapiro, Aryeh Leib ben Isaac

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SHAPIRO, ARYEH LEIB BEN ISAAC (1701–1761), scholar and grammarian. Raised in Vilna, Shapiro married a daughter of Mordecai b. Azriel, one of the city's most respected residents. As a young man, he maintained a correspondence with the Karaite scholar Solomon of Troki, the author of Appiryon. Shapiro ranged beyond the boundaries of traditional learning, for in addition to his vast knowledge of the Talmud he studied logic and mathematics, and wrote a work on Hebrew grammar, Kevuẓat Kesef (Zolkiew, 1741). His other works include a two-part commentary on Massekhet Soferim entitled Naḥalat Ari'el and Me'on Arayot, which were published together with the tractate at Dyhernfurth in 1732. Also extant is a responsum dated 1754, which appears in Teshuvat Shemu'el (Vilna, 1859) by R. Samuel of Indura. Shapiro, in his later years, served as a dayyan and scribe of the Vilna community.


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Shapiro, Aryeh Leib ben Isaac

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