Servi, Flaminio

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SERVI, FLAMINIO (Ephraim ; 1841–1904), Italian rabbi and publicist. Servi, born in Pitigliano, studied at the Collegio Rabbinico and the University of Padua, serving as rabbi in the northwestern communities of Monticelli, Mondovi, and from 1872 Casale Monferrato. In 1874 he founded the monthly Il Vessilo Israelitico as a successor to Educatore Israelitica; his son ferruccio continued to edit it after his death until 1922. Servi favored the assimilation of Jews into Italian culture and society while remaining loyal to Jewish faith and observance. He was active in promoting a unified organization for Italian Jewry and in relief for the persecuted Jews of East Europe and North Africa. In addition to numerous articles in the Italian Jewish press dealing with the history of Italian Jewish communities and other subjects, he published Gli Israeliti d'Europa nella civiltá (1871).


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