Serventy, Vincent Noel

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SERVENTY, Vincent Noel

SERVENTY, Vincent Noel. Australian, b. 1926. Genres: Natural history. Career: President, Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia; Trustee, World Wildlife Fund (Australia). Co-Producer, Australian Ark television series, Nature Walkabout series; Emeritus Fellow. Publications: Australia's Great Barrier Reef, 1955; A Continent in Danger, 1965; Landforms of Australia, 1966; Nature Walkabout, 1966; Wildlife of Australia, 1968; Southern Walk- about, 1969; Dryandra, 1969; Turtle Bay Adventure, 1970; Australia's National Parks, 1970; Australian Wildlife Conservation, 1970; The Singing Land, 1972; The Great Barrier Reef, 1972; (with D.L. Serventy and J. Warham) The Handbook of Australian Seabirds, 1973; Desert Walkabout, 1974; Australia's Wildlife Heritage, 5 vols., 1975; Zoo Walkabout, 1979; Glovebox Guide to Australian Nature, 1980; Plantlife of Australia, 1981; Australian Landforms (Birds, Wildlife, Mother and Baby Animals), 4 vols., 1981; (with others) Land Beyond Time, 1984; Australian Trees, 1984; The Desert Sea, 1985; Australia's World Heritage, 1986; Saving Australia, 1988; Easy Guide to Green Living, 1989; Crusoe Boys, Flight of the Shearwater, 1996; Memoirs: An Australian Life. Address: 36 Diamond Road, Pearl Beach, NSW 2256, Australia. Online address: [email protected]