Schatz, Ẓevi

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SCHATZ, ẒEVI (1890–1921), Hebrew writer. Born in Russia, Schatz grew up in non-Jewish surroundings. He corresponded with *Trumpeldor regarding the establishment of a commune in Palestine and later immigrated there. Between 1918 and 1920, he was a soldier in the Jewish Legion and was killed in an Arab riot along with *Brenner. Under the influence of Brenner, who was his mentor and editor, he began to write in Hebrew during the last years of his life. He wrote two novellas, of which Be-Lo Niv (originally entitled Al Gevul ha-Demamah) was published during his lifetime, and Batyah, along with some poetry, appeared posthumously. Schatz was the first to depict the experiences of the individual in the kibbutz in fiction as well as in his letters and conversations. All these were collected by M. Poznansky in Al Gevul ha-Demamah (1929; 1967; 1990).


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[Getzel Kressel]