Schattner, Karl-Josef

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Schattner, Karl-Josef (1924– ). German architect. Most of his works were carried out in his capacity as Architect to the Diocese of Eichstätt, and he built up his own Dombauhütte (Cathedral Workshop) employing a team of craftsmen. The founding of the University at Eichstätt enabled Schattner to conserve and adapt the many historic buildings, whereas most of his new works were uncompromisingly radical and modern, erected within the historical context. Influenced by William Morris's philosophies, he was one of the more sensitive architects working on old buildings in a Germany that rather often favoured wholesale reconstructions. His works include the Archives Building (1989–93), the conversion and extension of Schloss Hirschberg (1987–92), and the Episcopal Seminary (1981–93). His rational approach has much in common with that of the Ticinese School and his Italian contemporary Scarpa.


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