Saslavsky, Luis Simón

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SASLAVSKY, LUIS SIMÓN (pseudonyms: Simón Fourcade and Hugo Espinelli; 1908–1995), Argentinean film director, author, and producer. Born in Rosario, Province of Santa Fé, Argentina, Saslavsky was drawn into the film world as a reporter for La Nación in Hollywood. He returned to Argentina and directed Crimen a las tres (1935), La Fuga (1937), and Nace un Amor (1938). He later sacrificed some of his intellectual quality to popular taste but continued to show some originality, as in Historia de una Noche (1941). Saslavsky was compelled to leave Argentina during the Perón government and lived in Europe for 15 years from 1948. He directed Corona Negra in Spain in 1951 and other films in both Spain and France, including Les Louves (1957) and Première mai (1958). Returning to Argentina, he produced Las Ratas and Placeres conyugales (1963), La industria del matrimonio (1964), Vení conmigo (1972), and El Fausto criollo (1979).