Sasquatch 2002

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Sasquatch ★★½ The Untold 2002 (R)

Mogul Harlan Knowles (Henriksen) runs a biotech company and is frantic when one of the company's planes crashes in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Not only is his daughter (Parker) aboard but so is the very expensive prototype of a DNA testing machine. So Knowles assembles a rescue team and heads into the woods—only to discover the plane's crew torn to shreds. 86m/C VHS, DVD . CA Lance Henriksen, Andrea Roth, Philip Granger, Russell Ferrier, Jeremy Radick, Erica Durance; D: Jonas Quastel; W: Jonas Quastel, Chris Lanning; C: Shaun Lawless; M: Tal Bergman, Larry Seymour. VIDEO