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SARAVAL , family of scholars. abraham ben judah leib, the most noted of them, lived in *Venice during the 16th century and wrote a commentary on Sefer ha-Ma'amadot. jacob ben leib lived in Cologne in the 16th century. His name is mentioned in the responsa Naḥalat Ya'akov of Jacob b. Elhanan Heilbronn. Judah Leib *Saraval (d. 1617) was rabbi in Venice. nehemiah ben judah leib (d. 1649), a rabbinic scholar in Venice, wrote a laudatory introduction to Joseph Solomon Delmedigo's Elim (Amsterdam, 1629). His name is mentioned approvingly in the responsa Mayim Rabbim of Raphael Meldola (1:11), and Devar Shemu'el of Samuel Aboab (no. 19). solomon Ḥai ben nehemiah was a Venetian scholar of the 17th century, whose name is mentioned approvingly in Devar Shemu'el of Samuel Aboab (p. 375), and in Piskei Recanati ha-Aḥaronim (p. 24). Jacob Raphael b. Simḥah Judah *Saraval was rabbi in Mantua, author and poet. leon Ḥai (1771–1851) lived in Trieste. He wrote Discorsi pronunciati all' apertura degli studi della comunità israelitica di Trieste (Trieste, 1811). He possessed a library containing many manuscripts and incunabula.


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