Sar Shalom ben Moses Ha-Levi

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SAR SHALOM BEN MOSES HA-LEVI (12th century), the last of the Egyptian geonim. Sar Shalom held office in Fostat from 1171 until at least 1195. He had followed his brother, the Gaon*Nethanel b. Moses ha-Levi, in the position. Before then, he had held the post of av bet din in the Yeshivah shel Ereẓ Israel of Damascus, which, according to *Benjamin of Tudela, was headed by Sar Shalom's brother Azariah. While acting as gaon, Sar Shalom signed himself rosh yeshivat Ereẓ ha-Ẓevi, or rosh yeshivat Ge'on Ya'akov ("Head of the Yeshivah of the Glory of Jacob").


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