Saracini, claudio

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Saracini, claudio

Saracini, Claudio, significant Italian composer, known as II Palusi ; b. Siena, July 1, 1586; d. probably there, after 1649. He was born into a noble and musical family, and learned to sing and play the lute. His travels took him all over Europe. Saracini is recognized as an outstanding monodist of his era, the equal of Sigismondo d’India. He publ. 6 vols, of Musiche (Venice, 1614–24), which includes 129 solo songs, duets, trios, and theorbo pieces.


E. Pintér, C. S.: Leben und Werk (2 vols., Frankfurt am Main, 1992; includes complete works).

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire