Saint-Martin of Tournai, Abbey

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Former benedictine monastery in Tournai, Belgium. It was founded in 1092 by Odo of Cambrai and several of his disciples as a monastery of canons regular of st. augustine, but it soon adopted the Benedictine customs of cluny. The abbey was renowned during the Middle Ages for the activity of its scriptorium. Famous men of the abbey besides Odo included Heriman, author of a very important Liber de restauratione (c. 114247), and Abbot Giles Li Muisis, chronicler and poet (12721352). The abbey was suppressed during the French Revolution, and today its remains house Tournai's city hall and form a city park.

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[a. d'haenens]

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Saint-Martin of Tournai, Abbey

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Saint-Martin of Tournai, Abbey