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The principal entry on the history and theology of Sacraments is sacramental theology, and the related entry sacramentals. The sacramental principle is further treated under symbolism, theological. The general efficacy and effects of Sacraments are treated in grace, sacramental; reviviscence, sacramental; exopere operanto; ex opere operantis; and sacraments, conditional administration of.

The Sacraments of healing are treated under pen ance, sacrament of; exomologesis; confession, auricular; and anointing of the sick, i (theology of).

The Sacraments of initiation are covered under bap tism, sacrament of; baptism of infants; limbo; confirmation; imposition of hands; eucharist in contemporary catholic theology; sacrifice iv (in christian theology); transubstantiation; and communion, first.

The Sacraments of vocation are discussed under matrimony, sacrament of; holy orders; priesthood in christian tradition; bishop (sacramental theology of); and deacon. Controversial issues in the sacrament of holy orders are discussed under anglican orders; apostolicae curae; and reordination.

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