Rubinstein, William D.

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RUBINSTEIN, WILLIAM D. (1946– ), Australian-British historian. Born and educated in the United States, Rubinstein taught for many years at Deakin University in Victoria, Australia, and subsequently at the University of Wales-Aberystwyth, where he is professor of history. He wrote widely on the history of the Jews in Britain and Australia, and on the Holocaust, in such works as A History of the Jews in the English-Speaking World: Great Britain (1996) and The Myth of Rescue (1997). His works have emphasized the distinctiveness of the English-speaking world from continental Europe in its treatment of the Jews. He also wrote widely on British history and other topics. In 2002–4 he was president of the Jewish Historical Society of England. His wife, hilary l. rubinstein (1946– ), also wrote widely on Australian Jewish history, in such works as Chosen (1987) and The Jews in Victoria, 1835–1985 (1986), and on philo-semitism and other subjects. The Rubinsteins also produced a two-volume history of Australian Jewry, The Jews in Australia: A Thematic History (1991).

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Rubinstein, William D.

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