Rosensohn, Etta Lasker

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ROSENSOHN, ETTA LASKER (1885–1966), U.S. civic and Zionist leader. A member of the *Lasker family, she was born in Galveston, Texas, and began her career as a research worker for the New York Guild of the Jewish Blind. During World War i, Etta Rosensohn was district supervisor of the n.y. Home Division of the Red Cross, and also began her 25-year career with the National Travelers Aid Society. She was a social and civic worker prominent in many organizations, including the National Council of Jewish Women, Conference of Jewish Relations, and Board of Governors of the Hebrew University. As a Hadassah leader, Etta Rosensohn held important offices for more than three decades, and played an outstanding role shaping Hadassah's health and social welfare program. After serving as Hadassah Medical Organization Chairman (1947–51), she became president of Hadassah (1952–53).

[Gladys Rosen]

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Rosensohn, Etta Lasker

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