Rosenfeld, Samuel

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ROSENFELD, SAMUEL (1869–1943), journalist. Born in Russia, he devoted himself to journalistic work on Zionism in Hebrew and in Yiddish. In 1900 Rosenfeld assumed responsibility for the Yiddish edition of the Zionist organ Die Welt.

He also published in Hebrew, Ha-Congress ha-Bazilai ha-Shelishi (1900), and Ha-Congress ha-Ẓiyyoni ha-Sheneim Asar (1922). He edited the Yiddish Der Fraynd and the Hebrew *Ha-Ẓefirah. In 1923 he emigrated to the U.S. and joined the staff of the Yiddish daily The *Jewish Day. His monograph on Israel Salanter appeared in Yiddish, Russian and Hebrew.


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Rosenfeld, Samuel

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