Rimon, Jacob

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RIMON, JACOB (1902–1973), Hebrew writer. Born in Poland, he was taken to Palestine in 1908 by his family. From 1921 he worked for the communal council of Jaffa-Tel Aviv and later became secretary of the social welfare department. He was among the founding members of *Ha-Po'el ha-Mizrachi and the *Torah va-Avodah movement. He published poetry, prose, and children's stories.

His books of poetry are Hishtappekhut (1926), Arẓi (1928), Seneh (1946), Ke-Leket Shibbolim (1966), and Bi-Shevilei he-Amal (1968). Rimon is one of the few Orthodox Hebrew poets, and his poetry is imbued with a deep religious faith. His novels include Arẓenu ha-Kedoshah (1935) and Ḥulyot be-Sharsheret (1957). Among his other works are Yehudei Teiman be-Tel Aviv ("Yemenite Jews in Tel Aviv," 1933) and Asher Sipparti le-Nekhdi (1969), stories for young people.


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