Rinaldo di (da) Capua

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Rinaldo di (da) Capua

Rinaldo di (da) Capua , Italian composer; b. Capua or Rome, c. 1705; d. probably in Rome, c. 1780. He came from the vicinity of Naples and seems to have been active chiefly in Rome, where Burney knew him in 1770, and where most of his operas were given (others were produced in Florence, Venice, London, and Paris). His career as a dramatic composer probably began in 1737. Thereafter he produced about 30 theatrical works with varying success, among them Ciro riconosciuto (Rome, Jan. 19, 1737), Vologeso re de’ Parti (Rome, Carnival 1739), and La Zingara (Paris, June 19, 1753; his best work). He also composed 5 syms. and many overtures which reveal an adept hand at orch. writing, numerous oratorios, cantatas, and other works.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire