Rinconcito, Treaty of (1838)

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Rinconcito, Treaty of (1838)

The Treaty of (1838) Rinconcito was an accord signed at Rinconcito, Guatemala, near Jutiapa, on December 23, 1838, between the rebel caudillo Rafael Carrera and General Agustín Guzmán of Totonicapán. Carrera agreed to lay down his arms and recognize the Guatemalan government in return for his restoration as military commander of Mita. Although he had to turn over several hundred rifles to Guzmán, the treaty allowed Carrera time to reorganize his forces at a point when he was in desperate straits. When federal President Francisco Morazán deposed Mariano Rivera Paz, the conservative governor of Guatemala, Carrera resumed his revolution on March 24, 1839. On April 13 he took Guatemala City and restored Rivera Paz.

See alsoCarrera, José Rafael .


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