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RIMMON-PEREZ (Heb. רִמֹּן פֶּרֶץ), an encampment of the Israelites in the wilderness of Sinai, situated between Rithmah and Libnah (Num. 33:19–20). The location of the camp depends upon the view taken of the route of the *Exodus. Those following the traditional southern route locate Rithmah at Biʾr al-Ratama and Libnah at Biʾr al-Bayḍāʾ (Ar. Bayḍāʾ and Heb. Libnah (livnah) "white"). Rimmon-Perez would then be situated near a well in the Wadi Mayʾayn, close to the Naqb al-Biyār, one of the main passages through the eastern mountains of Sinai, about 19 mi. (30 km.) west of Akaba. On the other hand, those who see a northern route look for some site east of Hazeroth (ʿAyn Hasra?) near Jebel Halāl.


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[Michael Avi-Yonah]