Rickaby, Joseph

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Jesuit philosopher and theologian; b. Everingham, Yorkshire, Nov. 20, 1845; d. North Wales, Dec. 18, 1932. He studied at the University of London prior to entrance into the Society of Jesus at Manresa, then lectured in ethics and natural law at Stonyhurst from 1879 to 1896. His work there led him to write Moral Philosophy in 1888, a sharp, polemical defense of the doctrine of Aquinas against empiricism and hegelianism. Between 1896 and 1899 he served the society in both Oxford and London, and in 1899 joined the staff at Campion Hall, Oxford, where he remained until 1924. In 1905 he published an annotated translation of St. Thomas's Summa contra gentiles, which proved to be his most representative work. After 1926 Rickaby retired to St. Bueno's College, North Wales. His last work was a translation of Rodriguez's Christian Virtues and Perfection. Between 1870 and 1930 he published 60 articles in the Month and wrote nearly 30 books. (see scholasticism)

Bibliography: Month 161 (1933) 170175. j. j. delaney and j. e. tobin, Dictionary of Catholic Biography (Garden City, N.Y. 1961) 991.

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Rickaby, Joseph

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