Ramat Ha-Kovesh

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RAMAT HA-KOVESH (Heb. רָמַת הַכּוֹבֵשׁ), kibbutz in central Israel, N.E. of *Kefar Sava, affiliated with Ha-Kibbutz ha-Me'uḥad. It was founded in 1932 by pioneers from Eastern Europe who, before setting up their own kibbutz, had worked in Kefar Sava's citrus groves. In the 1936–39 Arab riots, the kibbutz was the easternmost outpost of Jewish settlement in the southern Sharon and suffered attacks, losing 15 of its members. Similarly, the kibbutz found itself in the front line during the Israel *War of Independence (1948), and again suffered losses. In 1970 Ramat ha-Kovesh had 520, rising to 586 in 2002. Its economy was based on citrus groves and irrigated crops, etc., as well as on a large bakery. The kibbutz also opertated a factory for rubber products and an events garden. The name, "Height of the Conqueror," symbolizes the settlers' early history as "conquerors of labor" in Kefar Sava

[Efram Orni /

Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]