Posener (Pozner), Solomon

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POSENER (Pozner), SOLOMON (1876–1946), social historian and writer. Born in Minsk, Posener began to write for the Russian-Jewish press under the name of Stellin.

He contributed to the report prepared by *ica on the economic position of Russian Jewry (1904). He also wrote a study on Jews in government schools in Russia for Novy Voskhod (printed separately in 1913). In Paris from 1903, he contributed to the French press on conditions in Russia and on Russian Jewry, as well as editing La Correspondence Russe and La Tribune Juive. He published articles in French on the history of Jews in France in various journals. His most important work is a biography of Adolphe *Cremieux (French, 1933–34, 1939; English, 1940).

[Yehuda Slutsky]