Poppo of Stavelot, St.

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Abbot and monastic reformer; b. Deinze, Belgium, 978; d. Marchienne-au-Pont, Belgium, Jan. 25, 1048. After a career in the army and pilgrimages to the Holy Land (1000) and to Rome (1005), Poppo renounced the world and entered the benedictine Order at the Abbey of Saint-Thierry near Reims in 1008. There he met Richard (d. 1046), abbot of verdun-sur-meuse, who had him transferred to his own monastery as prior, to help in the reformation of several abbeys in Flanders. Poppo's work drew the attention of Emperor henry ii, who had him transferred to the abbatial see of Stavelot-Malmédy in 1020. From there he proceeded to reform a network of abbeys in Lorraine and Flanders. Poppo showed his gratitude to the emperors by negotiating alliances between the Empire and France, and he is regarded as an example of the imperial abbot of that day. He was buried at Stavelot, where his relics were elevated in 1624.

Feast: Jan. 25.

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