Pollak, Moses Ha-Levi

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POLLAK, MOSES HA-LEVI (1845–1888), Hungarian rabbi. Born in Szerdahely, Pollak studied under Judah Aszod and Abraham Samuel Sofer. In 1872 he was appointed rabbi of Bonyhad, where he established a yeshivah which attracted pupils from all parts of Hungary. He was one of the founders of the Orthodox community of Bonyhad, which he developed to a considerable extent.

Pollak was the author of Va-Yedabber Moshe (1894–95; photoprint New York, 1943), in five parts, on the Pentateuch and various talmudic themes; Tikkun Moshe (1894–99), in five parts, sermons and discussions on talmudic topics; and Birkat Moshe (1911) on tractate Ḥullin.


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