Pina, Jacob (Manuel) de

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PINA, JACOB (Manuel) DE (1616–c. 1675), Marrano poet. Born in Lisbon, Pina arrived around 1660 in Amsterdam, where he openly proclaimed himself a Jew and took the name Jacob.

The poems of his early Lisbon years were humorous in the main, for example the collection La mayor hazaña de Carlos vi and Juguetes de la ninez y traversuras del ingenio (1656). His later verse included several elegies, one dedicated to the scholar Saul (Levi) *Morteira (d. 1660), another to the martyr Isaac de Almeyda *Bernal (d. 1655), and a third to the martyred Spanish nobleman Lope de Vera y *Alarcon (d. 1644). Pina wrote in both Spanish and Portuguese.


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