Pina-Cabral, Joao de

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PINA-CABRAL, Joao de. Portuguese, b. 1954. Genres: Anthropology/ Ethnology. Career: I.S.C.T.E., Lisbon, Portugal, lecturer in social anthropology, 1982-84; University of Lisbon, Institute of Social Sciences, senior research fellow in social anthropology. Publications: Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve: The Peasant Worldview of the Alto Minho, 1986; Os Contextos da Antropologia, 1991; Aromas de Urze e de Lama, 1993; Em Terra de Tufoes: Dinamicas da Ethicidate Macaense, 1993; Elite: Choice, Leadership and Succession, 2000; Between China and Europe, 2002. EDITOR: (with R.G. Feijo and H. Martins) Death in Modern Portugal, 1984; (with J. Campbell) Europe Observed, 1992. Address: Institute of Social Sciences, Av. A. Bettencourt, 9, P-1600-189 Lisbon, Portugal. Online address: [email protected]