Pick, Ernst Peter

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PICK, ERNST PETER (1872–1960), Austrian pharmacological chemist. Born in Jaromer, Bohemia, Pick worked until 1899 at the University of Strasbourg. He was head of the biochemistry department of the Serum Institute of Vienna from 1899 to 1911, and professor of pharmacology at the University of Vienna from 1911 to 1924. He was chief of the drug control department of the Austrian government from 1914 until the advent of the Nazis. In 1938 he went to the United States and was appointed professor of pharmacology at Columbia University (1939–46), as well as being attached to Mount Sinai Hospital, New York.

Pick's papers were largely concerned with serology, the breakdown of proteins, poisons, and various other fields of experimental pathology and pharmacology. He wrote Biochemie der Antigene (1912), Biochemie der Antigene und Antikoerper (1928), and co-edited Die experimentelle Pharmakologie als Grundlage der Arzneibehandlung (1933).


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