Philip of the Blessed Trinity (Esprit Julien)

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Discalced Carmelite theologian and writer; b. Malaucene, (Vaucluse), July 19, 1603; d. Naples, Feb. 28, 1671. Philip took the Carmelite habit and was professed on Sept. 8, 1621. In 1629 he was sent to the Carmelite Missions; first to the mission of Ispahan, Syria, then to the mission of Malabar (now Kerala, India), where for 12 years he taught philosophy and theology. From 1634 to 1639 he was prior in Goa, where he received and professed Bl. Denis of the Nativity, the protomartyr of the discalced Carmelites. He returned in 1659 to Europe, where he was appointed consultor of the Congregation of the Index; he was elected definitor general, and finally became general of the Discalced carmelites of the Italian Congregation (166568). Although reelected to the office (166871), he died on a visit to the convent of Naples before the completion of his term. Among his many works are the fruits of his years of teaching: Summa Philosophica (Lyons 1648); Summa Theologiae Mysticae (Lyons 1656); Cursus Theologicus (Lyons 165365); Itinerarium Orientale (Lyons 1649); Tractatus de Immaculata Conceptione (Lyons 1667).

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