Philipp, Elliot Elias

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PHILIPP, Elliot Elias

PHILIPP, Elliot Elias. Also writes as Philip Embey, Anthony Havil, Victor Tempest. British, b. 1915. Genres: Medicine/Health, Sex, Biography. Career: Hon. Consultant, Royal Northern Hospital and City of London Maternity Hospital, 1980- (Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, 1964-80). Gynaecologist, French Dispensary, 1952-. Registrar and Sr. Registrar, University College Hospital, St. Thomas's Hospital, Royal Free Hospital, and Middlesex Hospital, London, 1947-52; Consultant Gynaecologist, Oldchurch Hospital, Romford, Essex, 1952-64. Publications: (with E.W. Walls) Hilton's Rest and Pain, 1950; (with I.C. Rubin) Childless Marriage, 1957; From Sterility to Fertility, 1957; (with E. Wright) Easy Childbirth, 1961; From Sterility and Impotency to Fertility and Virility, 1962; (with E. Crisp) Midwifery for Nurses, 1962; Obstetrics and Gynaecology for Students, 1962; (with K.L. Gearing) The Student Nurse in the Operating Theatre, 1964; (with R. Forbes) Easier Childbirth, 1969; Having Your Baby, 1972; The Change of Life, 1977; Childlessness, 1978; Childbirth, 1978; (with G. Chamberlain) British Births 1970, vol. II, 1978; (with G.B. Carruthers) Infertility, 1980; Hysterectomy, 1982; Overcoming Childlessness; (with L. Hanna) Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization, 1987; Safe Sex, 1987; Caesareans, 1988; (with M. O'Dowd) A History of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 1994; The Facts about the Menopause, 2nd ed., 2000. EDITOR: (with J. Barnes and M. Newton) Scientific Foundations of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 1970, 4th ed. (with M. Setchell) 1991; From Conception to Birth, 1972. TRANSLATOR: Dr. P. Vellay, Sex Development and Maternity, 1968; L. Pernaud, Nine Months to Motherhood, 1975; (with A.C. Pembroke) Dr J. Hewitt, M. Pelisse, and B.J. Danielle, Diseases of the Vulva, 1991. AS PHILIP EMBEY: Woman's Change of Life, 1955; (co-author) You and Your Baby, 1957. AS ANTHONY HAVIL: The Technique of Sex, 1939, 7th ed., 1985; Talks on a Vital Subject, 1941; The Aspect of Sex in Marriage, 1946 (vol. II of The Technique of Sex); Birth Control and You, 1951; The Making of a Woman, 1969. AS VICTOR TEMPEST: Near the Sun, 1946. Address: 166 Rivermead Ct, Ranelagh Gardens, London SW6 3SF, England.