Pernet, Étienne Claude

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Religious founder; b. Vellexon (Haute Saône), France, July 23, 1824; d. Paris, April 3, 1899. During his studies in the major seminary at Besançon scruples about his worthiness caused him to leave the institution (1848) contrary to the advice of his superiors. In 1850 he joined the recently founded assumptionists, whose founder Emmanuel d' alzon persuaded him to proceed to ordination (1858). Pernet taught at the Assumption college in Nîmes (184952, 186063). Together with Marie Fage, he founded the little sisters of the assumption (1865). He also organized three societies of laymen and laywomen to collaborate with his congregation and to engage in charitable and other apostolic works. During the Franco-Prussian War he served as a military chaplain. The decree introducing his cause for beatification was issued in 1931 and the preparatory congregation concerning his virtues met in 1956.

Bibliography: Acta Apostolicae Sedis (1931) 341344.

[i. m. thierry]