Paldi (Feldman), Israel

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PALDI (Feldman ), ISRAEL (1892–1979), Israeli painter. Paldi was born at Berdyansk, Russia, and immigrated to Palestine in 1909. He spent the years 1910–20 in Europe. On his return to Palestine he exhibited in David's Tower in Jerusalem (1923) and was a leader of the Modern Artists in Tel Aviv (1927).

Paldi's work is extremely individual in style. In the 1920s he was an expressionist, and his work was full of stormy color and movement. Later it became simple, restrained, and even naive under the influence of the School of *Paris. In 1942 Paldi did pioneer work in making colored abstract plaster reliefs, using unusual materials such as sand, and in the late 1950s his painting became almost monochrome. Thereafter his work was characterized by an effort to integrate color and form, often by decorative methods.


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