Novy Oleksiniec

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NOVY OLEKSINIEC , small town in Kremenets (Krzemieniec), today in Tarnopol district, Ukraine, noted for leather products. In 1765, 203 Jewish taxpayers were registered in Oleksiniec and its suburb (Oleksiniec Stary). The printing press established there in 1760 was one of the first Hebrew presses in Russia. H. Margolis, active between 1766 and 1776, printed some 18 rabbinical works there. Noteworthy is Zemir Ariẓim ve-Ḥarvot Ẓurim (1772), a collection of anti-ḥasidic proclamations. Rabbis of Oleksiniec include Mordecai ha-Kohen Rappoport, son of Shabbetai, author of Imrei No'am (Oleksiniec, 1767), and Jacob Joseph ha-Levi Horovitz of Brody, installed in 1790.


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Novy Oleksiniec

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