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Now & Forever ★★ 2002

Childhood friends Angela Wilson and John Myron live in small-town Saskatchewan and come from different backgrounds (he's Cree, she's white). Angela's plagued by major family woes and longs to be an actress; John is mystical and grounded by his culture, and has loved Angela from the moment he met her. She takes up with a jerk who does the unthinkable (we're not spoiling it) and she leaves town. But the connection between Angela and John proves strong enough to bring them back together. Too many elements make the film too convoluted, but it is earnest. 101m/ C DVD . CA Mia Kirshner, Adam Beach, Theresa Russell, Gordon Tootoosis, Gabriel Olds, Callum Keith Rennie, Alexandra Purvis, Simon Baker; D: Bob (Benjamin) Clark, Billy Boyle; C: Jan Kiesser; M: Paul Zaza.

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