Notre Dame de Sion, Congregation of

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(Official Catholic Directory #2950); a religious community of women founded in France in 1846 by the ratisbonne brothers, Marie Théodore, and Marie Alphonse. It has for its aim the promotion of true understanding between Christians and Jews. This work assumes many forms. The religious strive to break down the barriers of anti-Semitism by presenting a true picture of Jews and Judaism, and by giving non-Jews a profound respect for the people from whom Christ Himself chose to come. At the same time, they try to show to the Jews the true meaning of Christianity so often distorted by misguided zeal and lack of understanding on the part of Christians. The congregation, which has its generalate in Rome, has provinces on five continents. The Sisters of Sion have been teaching in the U.S. since 1892. The American provincial headquarters is in Kansas City, MO.

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