Nathanson, Bernhard

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NATHANSON, BERNHARD (Dov Baer ; 1832–1916), Hebrew writer, biographer, and lexicographer. Born in Satanov, Podolia, Nathanson was a contributor to Ha-Maggid and Ha-Meliẓ. After the death of I.B. *Levinsohn in 1860 he was commissioned to prepare Levinsohn's manuscripts for publication, a task to which he devoted most of his literary career. He wrote a popular biography of Levinsohn, Sefer ha-Zikhronot (1876). Nathanson also compiled Ma'arekhet Sifrei Kodesh (1870), a Jewish historical lexicon, and Sefer ha-Millim (1880), a dictionary of foreign words.


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[Yehuda Slutsky]