Moses ben Daniel of Rohatyn

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MOSES BEN DANIEL OF ROHATYN (end of 17th century), Galician author. His name suggests that he was born in Rohatyn (Rogatin), but according to the preface of his works he lived in Zolkiew, where he published his Sugyat ha-Talmud (1693). The work, consisting of 40 paragraphs, is a methodology of the Talmud. It deals particularly with the commentaries of Rashi and tosafot and the manner in which they were studied at the time according to the two dialectical methods of Talmud study known as the "Nuremberger" and the "Regensburger" (see *Yeshivot). The work was translated into Latin by H.J. van Bashuysen and was published in the Latin translation of the Halikhot Olam of Joshua b. Joseph ha-Levi (Hanover, 1714 pp. 363ff.).


S. Buber, Kiryah Nisgavah (1903), 58 no. 229.

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Moses ben Daniel of Rohatyn

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