Moses 1996

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Moses ★★½ 1996

Another entry in TNT's series of Bible stories finds a humble Moses (Kingsley), raised in the Egyptian court, finding his way to his own people, the Israelites. Chosen by God to be his messenger and lead his people out of bondage, Moses must unleash a series of plagues upon Egypt before pharaoh Mernefta (Langella) will let them go. If you want action, look to “The Ten Commandments,” since this is a faithful but tedious retelling. Filmed on location in Morocco; on two cassettes. 185m/C VHS, DVD . Ben Kingsley, Frank Langella, David Suchet, Christopher Lee, Anna Galiena, Enrico Lo Verso, Geraldine McEwan, Maurice Roeves, Anthony (Corlan) Higgins, Anton Lesser; D: Roger Young; W: Lionel Chetwynd; C: Raffaele Mertes; M: Marco Frisina.