Monroy é Hijar, Antonio

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Mexican Dominican educator and archbishop of Santiago de Compostela, Spain; b. Querétaro, Mexico, c. 163234; d. Santiago de Compostela, Nov. 7, 1715. His father, Antonio, acted as the general moderator of Mexico City, and his mother was Doña María de Hijar y Figueroa. He received his bachelor's degree in philosophy in 1652 and joined the Dominicans in 1654 in Mexico City. Subsequently he taught theology at the University of Mexico and at the Dominican College of Porta-Coeli,

Mexico City. The provincial chapter of 1663 recommended him for the degree of Praesentatus, and the chapter of 1667 for that of master of theology. He was a consultant of the Holy Office and was sent to Rome as definitor to the general chapter. There he was elected master general in 1677. He called upon the fathers in the chapter to revise the constitution and to restore more perfectly the common life in Dominican convents. In 1685 he was appointed archbishop of Santiago de Compostela. He was also chaplain for King Charles II, who made him a grandee of Spain. In his diocese he was zealous in correcting morals and restoring discipline. The income of the see, about 100,000 ducats, was used to build infirmaries, convents, chapels, and churches and to help the poor. He collected a large library, which was given to the Jesuits upon his death.

Bibliography: d. a. mortier, Histoire des maîtres généraux de l'ordre des Frères Prêcheurs, 8 v. (Paris 190320).

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