Monsieur Hire

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Monsieur Hire ★★★½ M. Hire 1989 (PG-13)

The usual tale of sexual obsesssion and suspense. Mr. Hire spends much of his time trying to spy on his beautiful young neighbor woman, alternately alienated and engaged by her love affairs. The voyeur soon finds his secret desires have entangled him in a vicious intrigue. Political rally set-piece is brilliant. Excellent acting, intense pace, elegant photography. Based on “Les Fiancailles de M. Hire” by Georges Simenone and adapted by Leconte and Patrick Dewolf. In French with English subtitles. 81m/C VHS . FR Michel Blanc, Sandrine Bonnaire, Luc Thuillier, Eric Berenger, Andre Wilms; D: Patrice Leconte; W: Patrice Leconte. Cesar ‘90: Sound.