Miranda, Salomon Rodrigues de

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MIRANDA, SALOMON RODRIGUES DE (1875–1942), Dutch social-democratic politician. Born in Amsterdam of poor parents, De Miranda became a diamond worker and one of the leading figures of the General Diamond Workers Trade Union (andb). The lack of support by the orthodox clergy for their social struggle caused a rupture with their faith and marked the beginning of a secular integration process. De Miranda was a prominent member of the Dutch Labour Party (sdap) and represented the party as an Amsterdam municipal councilor after 1911. In 1919 he was made alderman for the distribution and price control of foodstuffs, public baths, housing, and public works. In this capacity he was both practitioner and theoretician of the main social-democratic policy at municipal level, which enabled the Labor Party to receive a mass base. He held his function for nearly 20 years and was responsible for the building of several workers' quarters, which were remarkable for their architectural design (the "Amsterdam School"). After the German invasion of the Netherlands, he was arrested and taken to Amersfoort concentration camp where he was beaten to death.

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Miranda, Salomon Rodrigues de

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