Mikes, George

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MIKES, GEORGE (1912–1987), Hungarian-born humorist. After working for the BBC during World War ii, he wrote many lighthearted books on politics, social customs, and national foibles. These works include How to Be an Alien: England (1946), Ueber Alles: Germany (1953), and How to Scrape Skies: United States (1948). Mikes also poked fun at Japan (The Land of the Rising Yen, 1970), the un (How to Unite Nations, 1963), and Britain again (How To Be Inimitable, 1966; How To Be a Brit, 1984; How To Be Decadent, 1986). Though converted as a boy, Mikes retained a keen interest in Jewish affairs, writing two incisive books on Israel, Milk and Honey (1950) and The Prophet Motive: Israel Today and Tomorrow (1969).