Meshullam Zalman Ha-Kohen

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MESHULLAM ZALMAN HA-KOHEN (late 18th and early 19th century), preacher and moralist in Fuerth, Bavaria. His first work, Bigdei Kehunnah ("Priestly Garments," Fuerth, 1807), contains responsa on various laws in the Shulḥan Arukh and *novellae on the talmudic tractates Gittin and Bava Meẓia. Naḥalat Avot ("Heritage of our Fathers," Fuerth, 1811), his second work, was written when the author was 70 years old. Utilizing the form of the ethical will, the book was intended to educate both the author's children and pupils. After an introduction in rhymed prose, the work comprises sermons on ethical subjects – both personal and social – the commandments, and devotion to God.

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Meshullam Zalman Ha-Kohen

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