Meskin, Aharon

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MESKIN, AHARON (1898–1974), Israel actor, a founding member of *Habimah. Meskin was a Russian government official, when in 1917, he heard of the establishment of the Habimah studio in Moscow and applied for admission. He played his first major role in 1924 as The Golem in H. Leivick's play of that name and from that time ranked as a leading member of the company. He subsequently played many leading roles, both in Israel and on tour abroad, among his most effective being Othello and Shylock. A tall man with a rough-hewn face and a striking deep voice, Meskin endowed his roles with dignity and humanity. In 1960 he was awarded the Israel Prize. He was the first chairman of the Israel section of the International Theater Institute.


D. Lazar, Rashim be-Yisrael, 2 (1955), 297–301.

[Mendel Kohansky]

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Meskin, Aharon

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