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Meshullam (mĕshŭl´əm), in the Bible. 1 Ancestor of Shaphan. 2 Son of Zerubbabel. 3 See Meshelemiah. 4 See Shallum4 and 7.5 Father-in-law of Johanan10.6 Repairer of the wall. 7 Assistant of Ezra. 8 Father of the Benjamite Sallu. 9 Ancestor of Adaiah4.10 Gadite chief. 11 Chief man of the Exile. 12,13 Sealers of the covenant. 14 Grandfather of Azariah24.15,16 Priests in the time of Jehoiakim. 17 Prince of Judah. 18 One present at the reading of the Law. 19 A porter.