Menander of Ephesus°

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MENANDER OF EPHESUS ° (possibly second century b.c.e.) is probably identical with Menander of Pergamum quoted by Clement of Alexandria (Stromateis 1:114) as stating that "Hiram gave his daughter in marriage to Solomon at the time when Menelaus visited Phoenicia after the capture of Troy" (cf. *Laetus). He wrote a history of Phoenicia (in Ant. 8:144, Josephus says that Menander translated the Tyrian records from Phoenician into Greek) which included an account of *Hiram of Tyre, in whose reign "lived Abdemon, a young lad, who always succeeded in mastering the problems set by Solomon, king of Jerusalem" (Jos., Apion, 1:120; Ant. 8:146; cf. *Dios). Hiram also dedicated the golden pillar in the temple of Zeus, which, according to *Eupolemus (Eusebius, Praeparatio Evangelica, 9:34), was a present from Solomon. According to Josephus (Ant. 8:324), Menander also alluded to the drought which occurred during King Ahab's reign.