Maximus of Saragossa, St.

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Bishop; d. Saragossa?, c. 619. He is one of three chroniclers of the sixth century praised and used by isidore of seville (Vir. ill. 46), who notes that Maximus wrote other works both in prose and verse. Of his chronicle, which parallels those of victor of tunnuna and john of biclaro, only 33 brief anonymous excerpts are extant. They seem to view Visigothic history (450568) from Saragossa and constitute a marginal gloss to a MS of Victor's chronicle, which neglects Visigothic history. It is useless to speculate on which passages in Isidore's work derive from Maximus. The chronicle edited by Higuera in 1611 (Patrologia Latina 80:617632) is a forgery. Maximus signed the acts of councils in Barcelona in 599, Toledo in 610, and Egara in 614.

Bibliography: Monumenta Germaniae Historica: Auctores antiquissimi 11:221223. o. bardenhewer, Geschichte der altkirchlichen Literatur (Freiburg 191332) 5:398399.

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Maximus of Saragossa, St.

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