Maximon (Maximowski), Shalom Dov Ber

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MAXIMON (Maximowski), SHALOM DOV BER (1881–1933), essayist and educator. Maximon, who was born in Skvira, left Russia at the age of 21 and traveled to Galicia, Switzerland, France, and England. In London he met Aḥad Ha-Am who exerted a permanent influence on his writings. He was also befriended by Brenner who published his first article in Ha-Me'orer. In New York, he was employed by the Bureau of Jewish Education and edited a paper for children, The Jewish Child. He was also one of the founders and editors of the monthly Ha-Toren in 1913 and edited the pedagogical journal Shevil ha-Ḥinnukh for two years (1927–29). He was a member of the faculty of Hebrew Union College School for Teachers in New York and in 1930 was appointed registrar of Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, Ohio. Maximon contributed articles to Hebrew periodicals in Europe and Palestine. Most of his articles were collected in his book Gevilim ("Rolls of Parchment," 1925).


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