Lopez, Robert Sabatino

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LOPEZ, ROBERT SABATINO (1910–1986), U.S. medieval historian, son of Sabatino *Lopez. Born in Genoa, Italy, Lopez began his teaching career at the teachers' colleges of Cagliari, Pavia, and Genoa, and at the University of Genoa. As the Fascist regime in Italy became more oppressive, Lopez migrated to the U.S. in 1939 and continued his studies. He was appointed professor at Yale University in 1955 and chairman of Medieval Studies (1963). Lopez was a prolific author and is particularly well known for several highly significant books and articles on various aspects of the economic history of the Middle Ages.

Among his books are Studi sull'economia genovese nel medioevo (1936), Storia delle colonie genovesi (1938), Medieval Trade in the Mediterranean World (with I.W. Raymond, 1955), La prima crisi della banca di Genova (1956), The Birth of Europe (1967), The Three Ages of the Italian Renaissance (1970),Civilizations, Western and World (1975), The Commercial Revolution of the Middle Ages, 9501350 (1976), The Medieval City (with D. Herlihy, 1978), and Byzantium and the World around It (1978). He served on various Jewish committees concerned with Zionism and Israel.

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